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Resonant Affect - Solo Exhibition - Ellsworth Gallery

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New works at Ellsworth Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico 1 August - 8 September.

Landscape creates frequency. A perfectly complex system of notation that orchestrates the way plants root, the way water flows, the way tectonic plates shift. It is possible to witness these frequencies - through light, through color, through geography, through the ensemble of audible sounds. We experience those within the human sonic perception, as well as those too low or high for us to hear. Human beings have embedded landscapes with resonant characters, resonant actors. This body of work explores a contextualizing of landscapes as score. An exploration of resonant affect.

“Dylan McLaughlin’s photographic imagery is simultaneously disorienting and alluring. First entranced by texture and palette, it is only upon approaching the image more closely that the viewer may realize that what they are viewing is not an abstraction but a clear documentation of man’s insertion of himself into the natural landscape. Harnessing the surveillance and military technology of the drone, McLaughlin’s work reorients the viewer in relation to familiar landscapes and structures - most visibly the numerous power lines that crisscross the landscape of what is now known as New Mexico - creating alternate/alternative horizons. These are the resonant characters and actors of which he writes. McLaughlin utilizes research techniques and data collection to expose and investigate manipulated and manufactured landscapes and lines.”

-Ellsworth Gallery

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